#Haters development

Summer 2014, the hottest in 22 years. A stab. A tweet. A social media storm.

Two young heroes worlds apart gravitate towards each other against the will of alluring internet chimeras. Two epic journeys set out in the storm of urban regeneration. Will their hands touch?

Inspired by real events, #Haters tells about impulsive acts, opt-outs and the abuse of power at the hand of faceless internet mobs with a good dose of self-irony and with extreme compassion for the characters involved. It’s about opportunities, fate and values. It’s about a world that changed suddenly right before your eyes and you could only witness.

Expect spoken words and outlandish sounds of every-day dreams. Expect bitter-sweet humour, tenderness and compassion. Expect to change your mind.

Written and directed by Emilia Teglia with music by Barbara Diana.

#Haters toured England in 2015 and 2017 and is now being adapted for the screen.

Check www.oddeyestheatre.net/haters for updates





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