Location Location

Two young lovers look for a home, two first time buyers cruise for a deadly bruise in pursuit of the ultimate bargain.

Enter shark-faced sleazy estate agents (because all estate agents are sleazy right?) But this home is riddled with heartbroken tenants, ghosts of Operas past and oven roasted rats served for dinner.  It’s up for auction.  And you are here to buy. And to dance to your death.

A fun experiment, a bizarre and innovative combination of horror and heartbreak …like love, it is a gypsy’s child, not bound by any laws, so you’d best beware!” Lauren Kilgannon, The Public Reviews Read the full review

Written and directed by Emilia Teglia
Movement director Ester Escolano

Mostart, March 2013
Stour Space and surrounding area in Hackney Wick, October 2013




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